Sylvia Milo Reviews

"...strikingly beautiful... Ms. Milo’s Nannerl [Mozart] is charming and funny... Ms. Milo has a balletic grace, and it’s easy to imagine her slender hands at the keys of a clavichord."

- New York Times - Click to view

"The lost genius of Mozart's sister"

- The GUARDIAN (written by Sylvia Milo) - Click to view

"This is a gem of a show... beautifully designed... [Milo’s] face gleams with passion for the story of Nannerl, whom she becomes - clever, witty, frustrated, sometimes hysterical."

- The Stage (London) - Click to view

"...the personality of an exceptionally bubbly Helena Bonham Carter... Milo has crafted a version of Nannerl's experiences with heartbreaking compassion for the artist she might have been."

- Huffington Post (Interview) - Click to view

"[Sylvia Milo's] fascinating and irresistibly intelligent one-woman show, The Other Mozart... Milo endows her subject with an irrepressible spirit..."

- Theatermania - Click to view

"The Big Stars of Experimental Theater"

- The Wall Street Journal - Click to view

"The Other Mozart is the most dynamic, theatrical, and moving one woman show I have ever seen. ...This show is the height of theatrical achievement. ...
Sylvia Milo infuses the evening with charm, emotion, and endless energy. ...phenomenal portrayal... She plays Nannerl Mozart seamlessly from childhood to old age, through periods of optimism, frustration, desperation, and peace. In Milo's capable hands, Nannerl's life is epic in it's smallness and devastating in its depth."

- Theater is Easy - Click to view

"[The Other Mozart] One of the most remarkable theatrical presentations... Sylvia Milo has brought off a tour de force in creating such an absorbing, intelligent, and sure-footed entertainment on such a subject... most brilliant and absorbing. ...The nuance in her acting... grew to an exalted plane of expression and elegance we associate with the great actresses of the pre- and post-war period. Apart from her multi-faceted creativity in her own play, she clearly has an important career ahead of her... The ghostly fluidity of the language... is most beautifully timed and shaped. It is like some dreamy recollection of a distant time."

- New York Arts - Click to view

"Sylvia Milo a Renaissance woman herself has written a fascinating, surreal and theatrical one woman homage to Maria Anna – THE OTHER MOZART. ...Miss Milo is quite mesmerising. With expressive arms and hands that match her expressive and impressive ability to convey her brother, father and mother – among others - with vocal dexterity. ...She is also quite the vixen with a sharp sense of humor... Sylvia Milo is breathtakingly beguiling as Maria Anna."

- Oscar E Moore - Click to view

"Beautifully written... illuminated with narrative intimacy. ...wonderfully acted... As Nannerl, Milo is immensely graceful, thoughtful, focused... The actress makes her character’s experience immediate and visceral. And she’s charming. ... Characterization of Nannerl is immensely appealing."

- Woman Around Town - Click to view

"Beautiful? The word isn’t adequate. Unique? A cliché. Powerful? Immensely. Emotional? Deeply. Funny and fun. Sad and desperate... a performance of rare magnitude... So much brilliance in one night... only one thing left to say. BRAVO!"

- Opelika-Auburn News - Click to view

"Judi Herman interviews Sylvia Milo and Janice Orlandi in London"

- Theatre Voice (London) - Click to view

"Sylvia (Milo) paints a wonderfully vivid picture."

- The Village VOICE

"Through Milo's layered and beautiful performance, Nannerl's tale is told with heartbreaking beauty."

- New England Entertainment Digest - Click to view

"Milo’s performance was spry and witty, turning what could have been simply a revisionist complaint into a penetrating portrait of the Mozart who might have been."

- The Valley Advocate - Click to view

"Sylvia Milo has the most to work with as the stern, conflicted Mim, who tries to assume a matriarchal role. Milo rises to the occasion, and her accent is consistently effective."

- Backstage

"Tennessee Williams: “played with consummate southern belle guilelessness and charm by Sylvia Milo."

Blog Critics

"a fine performance by Sylvia Milo."


"Sylwia Milo: w Ameryce przekonałam się, czym jest dla mnie szczęście"

Nowy Dziennik - Click to view

"Jolting sound effects by Sylvia Milo, the audio elements are stunning, to say the least... They create a stark atmosphere pulsing with blinding flashes and haunting shrieks."

Backstage (about music composed and recorded by Sylvia on electric violin for the play Cinnamon Moths)